Thursday, May 8, 2014

Robb Long shoots extensive healthcare library of real people for Minneapolis Hospital!

I was brought in to shoot an extensive photography library of real people, real physician/patient interaction, for HCMC Hospital in downtown Minneapolis, MN. The client wanted to utilize my talents at capturing real people in decisive moments, no camera awareness, and both the client and I feel we captured just that. These are just a few out of the hundreds of images created for the hospital’s library.

I love Library shoots especially when they are for hospitals, as it's a much faster pace, taking me back to when I was a photojournalist for many years and under tons of pressure racing around with just me and my camera. I love the challenge and speed required. These are real physicians that can't give up too much time to get photographed. There is no waiting around for the lighting to be right or hair and makeup to step in to make adjustments. I’m grateful that I know how to adjust for the lighting and composition in split seconds. It truly is a rush that I thrive in, and I look forward to more hospital shoots in the future". To view more of Robb's work visit

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Terre Thomas said...

These hospital shots are shots of "love and caring"! How do you do that? Wow!
Your fan,
Terre Thomas
Fairy Godmother