Friday, October 9, 2015

Robb Long for National Buffalo Wild Wings Campaign

 We were recently contacted by space150 (Minneapolis) to help create a series of images for a Buffalo Wild Wings National digital campaign #FOOTBALLRICH which released just before the start of the 2015 NFL Football Season. The National digital campaign is designed to drive viewers to flaunt their football riches by taking a photo of themselves at Buffalo Wild Wings locations "living large during the whole football season." Buffalo Wild Wings "is the football destination for those who enjoy the finer wings." Folks visiting B-Dubs can hashtag their Instagram photos with #FootballRich for a chance to be featured on the Buffalo Wild Wings website. Check back soon as we showcase several other images from this fun National digital campaign as more roll out onto the Buffalo Wild Wings website here.

Shooting this project was a truly great experience. The opportunity to connect with the space150 team that enthusiastically contributed to ideas for each image during the shoot was at once a creative environment with us working together to get the ideas integrated and shots with impact. In maintaining my stylized look and pushing to refine the finishing of the images, I called upon Anthony Morrow of PXL.HOUSE to collaborate on the project. Morrow and I explored several directions until finding that balance of my personal style and a dynamic fit for the fun sports enthusiast campaign message. (Morrow and I are currently working on a few self assignment projects we can't wait to show that will carry this look through the rest of my work. He and his Lead Retoucher George McCardle are true visionaries whom have helped me to push my images to maximum awesomeness)

"We had a blast helping photographer Robb Long create and refine a stylized look for his work on the Buffalo Wild Wings #FOOTBALLRICH campaign. We helped Robb strike a balance between his personal style and 
 visuals that would fit the fun sports enthusiast campaign message
​ " - Anthony Morrow, PXL.HOUSE

Get on out to a Buffalo Wild Wings near you and take some fun pictures and post them on Instagram. Maybe your photos will appear on the B-Dubs website! #FOOTBALLRICH

Check out more of Robb's work HERE!!! 

Agency- space150
Photographer - Robb Long Imaging
Finisher - PXL.HOUSE
Digi Tech - Jeffrey Bryce Bordenkecher 
Assistant -Tim Olsen
Stylist/Prop Master - Kate Moroney
Hair/MUA - Nicole Fae
Buffalo Wild Wings on Instagram 

 The whole gang at the end of the shoot!!!
 Nate giving direction to the stylist Kate on best placement of tasty B-Dubs food!!!
Happy Creatives and client watching the images role in as we shoot!!!

 Bryce digital teching it up as I stand on a stool for a different perspective!!
 One of my favorite shots to be coming out soon!!!
waiting for more wings to come out for the shoot ;)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Robb Long Imaging for Galleria Edina, MN

Got to shoot some fashion images for the GALLERIA in Edina, MN for one of my favorite clients Style-Architects out of Minneapolis. Style-Architects wanted to capture images for GALLERIA point-of-sale, e-mail marketing and website banner ads. I love working with Christina and her team, they bring a lot of talent on the set and love collaborating with me to get the perfect shots. The photo-shoot was great, the talent hopped in knowing exactly what to do, her hair and make-up team did an amazing job, and the styling was on point! I look forward to working with them again.

A few words from the client - "
"We were tasked with pulling together a campaign for Galleria's semi-annual Clearance Experience with less than a week's notice. We immediately brought on Robb, as we had worked with him on many editorial shoots in the past so he understood the fast pace and last minute deadlines. He captured our vision and concept exceptionally and made a campaign that was produced in under a week look as though we had months of preparation behind it!" - Style-Architects

Photography: Robb Long Imaging
Agency - Style-Architects 
Client - Galleria 

Hair and Makeup - Lili Salon Spa
Art Direction + Styling - Style-Architects

Here's a behind the scenes shot Style-Architects took for it's website ;)

 screen shot of an image they used for the galleria's website !! I like how their designer did a deliberate cut out look, I think its awesome looking ;)

 One of my favorites from the shoot!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Robb Long for Fab Defense

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a really cool conceptual assignment with a local ad agency for its client Fab Defense. I remember playing with little green plastic toy army soldiers all the time when I was a kid. This project let me re-live my childhood again.
 Our job at Robb Long Imaging was to photograph a real man and turn him into a traditional toy plastic soldier holding a decked out real gun. I feel we accomplished that goal as did the client.

Here's an explanation of the project: "Research showed that FAB Defense had a loyal following among serious shooters around the world. What they lacked was brand recognition in the U.S. market. In an effort to change that, an ad series featuring FAB's new tagline of "Keep It Real" was created to tell shooters that if you buy gear from anyone else, you're only "playing" tactical. To illustrate that point, we relied on imagery of a real man made to look like traditional green plastic army men with the soldiers in each ad holding an AR decked out with FAB gear. "
I enlisted the help of Shannon Amos of Amos Styles to give me some pointers on what to do to make this guy look more like a plastic soldier; beside the obvious step of painting him green, she recommended plasti-dip. Here's what she said about the final image on a recent Facebook post along with a behind the scenes video.

"This is creativity and drive in Photography( And a super Happy Client) Robb Long and I became pals on Facebook and over the past year he has reached out about some consultation with wardrobe or props of some of his shoots. I always offer my best answers and try and send him in the best direction I can. He blew it out of the water with his latest shoot for his client. I was not 100% how the Plasti Dip REAL "toy" soldier would play out. Robb nailed this from the photography to the retouching....all in his garage" - Shannon Amos (Amos styles)

The ads Epicosity made and the images

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Agency: Epicosity
Client: FABdefense
CD: Scott Ostman
AD: Jeremy Peters
Photographer: Robb Long Imaging
Makeup Artist : Jayme Palmer
Stylist : Shannon Amos of Amos Styles
Finisher: Dennis Dunbar of Dunbar Digital

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sharing New Work: Robb Long for DocuTap

I was contacted by DocuTap to shoot it's websites Hero images. DocuTap provides a tablet based EMR / EHR software, practice management systems, and revenue cycle services for urgent care clinics. The project was great and luckily DocuTap had a relationship with a local clinic Avera Health that allowed us to shoot in one of it's many beautiful clinics. Like usual, when shooting in a working clinic or hospital we had only a few minutes to get the shots set up, lit and styled which always proves to be a challenge that we are happy to take on. We think the images look great!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Robb Long Imaging "shoots" for Rock Island Armory

It's not everyday an ad agency approaches a photographer for marketing concepts, but it happened to me, and it couldn't have been more rewarding for all concerned. When they do, it's exciting. 

In my case recently, Sioux Falls based agency, Epicosity, brought me in. I had the privilege to meet with their Creative Director and Art Director personally, and to generate unique ideas with them. The objective was to showcase firearms products for one of their clients, Rock Island Armory, in a fresh way - steering away from a look that was overdone in the market. After tossing a few ideas around the table, they gave me the go ahead to execute what would turn out to be one "bad ass" portrait of a handgun.

"Epicosity wanted to create a bold, new look for our client, Rock Island Armory. But with so many brands in the shooting industry having virtually the same style of photography, we looked to Robb Long Imaging for some out-of-the-box collaboration. Who knew part of that collaboration would lead to something inside-the-box? By building a metal box prop and shooting it full of bullet holes, we were able to present Rock Island Armory firearms in a fresh, new light. We also created a series of images that played directly off the name by displaying Rock Island Armory guns set against a variety of rocks as our backdrop - a perfect complement to their tagline of "Solid As A Rock." – Scott Ostman, Creative Director, Epicosity
It was the greatest feeling to have the client trust my vision and expertise. For me personally, it was critical these images be successful especially knowing that the concepts I helped them come up with were only verbally expressed - no story boards. It was my strong hope that they could visualize the ideas I had in my mind. Having a solid background in lighting people for fashion, lifestyle and conceptual campaigns, I leveraged that experience and lit the gun as I would one of my fashion campaigns.

As a handgun enthusiast myself, hitting the gun range for the prop making of the bullet-hole-box was a "blast". A buddy of mine welded together a box made of 1/16th inch steel, then I took the box to a local gun range and shot it up with Armscor .22 TCM rounds, as well as a few 10mm rounds. These rounds cut through the steel box like butter.
I've got a few more handgun models that will be placed inside the bullet-hole-box to broaden the series of imagery, so keep an eye out for those too. I'm confident this new set up will have a sure-fire success rate.

To view more of Robb's work click here

Client-Rock Island Armory
Creative Director-Scott Ostman
Art Director-Jeremy Peters
Photographer-Robb Long Imaging
Finisher-Dan Kopton

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wind Turbine's

I set out this past summer to shoot a personal project on Wind Turbines and decided to show these 5 as they each tell it's own little story. I've been seeing them when out and about and always noticed there is something kind of beautiful about them, not only because wind turbines provide clean energy but each one or pod has it's own personality.

More of Robb's work can be viewed here

Friday, January 2, 2015

Robb Long Imaging for purchased a few of images from my Dairy Farming series to use on its websites main and inside pages. It's always fun to see personal work getting picked up especially on the main page of a website ;)