Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Childhood Passion Starts a New One: Automotive Series

Childhood memories with my Dad included hearing these words, often – "Wanna go for a ride? Well, buckle up and hang on!" We'd head out down a river road worthy of a race car because of it's thrilling winding turns among the hillsides. I'd feel a rush as the torque smashed me back in my seat as Dad would crank into 2nd, taking it right up to the red line before he'd switch gears in his Audi Quattro. As I grew up I'd often have my pick of cars on a lot to test drive, that is aside from the cars over 60 G's.

Those fond and exciting experiences I had growing up never quite left me. Let's say it's more of a lifelong love of test driving cars and trucks. The only thing missing was merging my photography craft with this passion. Until now.

With a little inspiration from other shooters and a good nudge from my agent, I decided to set up my own test shoots and to keep it ever more challenging I shot them in Winter! South Dakota Winter.
My first set up was with a sweet new Chevy truck, and the other a sports coupe.. My agent and I discussed the shoot with the truck in detail and we decided to go with an easy going rural style; story telling with the idea this would satisfy both lifestyle and product needs of prospective car clients.

During the process I took to it quickly, loving the details and finish of the car in contrast to the pre-scouted location. I realized that there's a relationship in process when man interacts with machine and I was there to capture it.

For the post production I partnered with a choice retoucher at pxlhouse. This too was rewarding as a particular style developed reaching the ultimate look I was after.

This project has also inspired me to play around some more, by shooting some machine related projects including farm combines and tractors. These will be showcased on my website ongoing. Keep checking back for more cars, trucks and agricultural equipment because I believe I've come upon an entirely new category for my shots.

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Retouching by Pxl.house

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New lifestyle photography by Robb Long Imaging

My team and I had the opportunity to capture some great new lifestyle photography at the beginning of the year and are proud to share the fruits of our labor. These were shot at quite a few locations around the Minneapolis area in working businesses and restaurants.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RL Imaging has news!!!

My wife and I are expecting! I'm going to be a DAD ;) We wanted to do something kind of funny so I suggested we turn the announcement into a Theatrical Poster so we put this together one afternoon at our home. Matey and Ruby loved being a part of the action ;)


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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Robb Long Imaging for Superior Bins!

Robb Long Imaging recently collaborated with Insight Marketing and Design out of Sioux Falls, SD to produce a series of images for their client Superior Grain Bins. "It was great working with the team over there, The AD Ben Hodgins and the AE Glen Turner were in on the action in Southwestern, MN as we had to climb up into the tractors and sometimes shoot from outside of the tractors to get the shots. Everyone involved were great sports on this project and we all had a lot of fun. I love working with real folks and directing that decisive moment, we got quite a bit of great feedback on these from the farmers who loved seeing themselves in print."

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

ROBB LONG shoots industrial image library

ROBB LONG IMAGING shoots industrial image library for WAYTEK WIRE INC, in Minnesota.

We were called on to shoot extensive image content for WAYTEK WIRE’s expansive marketing needs.

I got to run around the active warehouse capturing the essence of the real people working a job they truly enjoy. My crew and I set up and started shooting right away, following the flow of the product making it’s way through the completed order, from manufacturing to having it shipped out. I find it personally rewarding to bring my creativity to a business while telling their interesting story which always includes it’s most important resource, it’s employees.

The all-day shoot went super smooth and we captured so many great images resulting in a very pleased client. 

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Robb Long and it was truly a pleasure. When trying to make an important decision on who I wanted for a full-day shoot capturing our employees at work, including our services and faciliteis, Robb made it easy! Robb’s passion for what he does is very evident and it comes through in his fantastic communication skills, priorities and photography work. A great person to work with, high quality photo and video – a job done right!”
  • Bettyann Nowak, ECommerce Marketing Specialist - SEO | SEM | PPC
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ROBB LONG shoots extensive image library for law firm

ROBB LONG shoots extensive image library for law firm. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites out of the hundreds of images made available in the library. Robb shot these over a course of one day in an active law firm capturing real attorneys in meetings, working at their desks, in the break room, board room and other spots around the office where they hang out.

"I love the fast pace of shooting image libraries like this, the lighting is challenging and staying out of the way, acting like a fly on the wall while still being able to direct people around the office is key to getting that decisive moment and as many images for their library as possible. The client was super happy with all the usable images we captured for them."

Agency - Epicosity
Client - Woods Fuller
Creative Direction - Scott Ostman
Photographer - Robb Long
Assistant - Sam Cham

Friday, October 9, 2015

Robb Long for National Buffalo Wild Wings Campaign

 We were recently contacted by space150 (Minneapolis) to help create a series of images for a Buffalo Wild Wings National digital campaign #FOOTBALLRICH which released just before the start of the 2015 NFL Football Season. The National digital campaign is designed to drive viewers to flaunt their football riches by taking a photo of themselves at Buffalo Wild Wings locations "living large during the whole football season." Buffalo Wild Wings "is the football destination for those who enjoy the finer wings." Folks visiting B-Dubs can hashtag their Instagram photos with #FootballRich for a chance to be featured on the Buffalo Wild Wings website. Check back soon as we showcase several other images from this fun National digital campaign as more roll out onto the Buffalo Wild Wings website here.

Shooting this project was a truly great experience. The opportunity to connect with the space150 team that enthusiastically contributed to ideas for each image during the shoot was at once a creative environment with us working together to get the ideas integrated and shots with impact. In maintaining my stylized look and pushing to refine the finishing of the images, I called upon Anthony Morrow of PXL.HOUSE to collaborate on the project. Morrow and I explored several directions until finding that balance of my personal style and a dynamic fit for the fun sports enthusiast campaign message. (Morrow and I are currently working on a few self assignment projects we can't wait to show that will carry this look through the rest of my work. He and his Lead Retoucher George McCardle are true visionaries whom have helped me to push my images to maximum awesomeness)

"We had a blast helping photographer Robb Long create and refine a stylized look for his work on the Buffalo Wild Wings #FOOTBALLRICH campaign. We helped Robb strike a balance between his personal style and 
 visuals that would fit the fun sports enthusiast campaign message
​ " - Anthony Morrow, PXL.HOUSE

Get on out to a Buffalo Wild Wings near you and take some fun pictures and post them on Instagram. Maybe your photos will appear on the B-Dubs website! #FOOTBALLRICH

Check out more of Robb's work HERE!!! 

Agency- space150
Photographer - Robb Long Imaging
Finisher - PXL.HOUSE
Digi Tech - Jeffrey Bryce Bordenkecher 
Assistant -Tim Olsen
Stylist/Prop Master - Kate Moroney
Hair/MUA - Nicole Fae
Buffalo Wild Wings on Instagram 

 The whole gang at the end of the shoot!!!
 Nate giving direction to the stylist Kate on best placement of tasty B-Dubs food!!!
Happy Creatives and client watching the images role in as we shoot!!!

 Bryce digital teching it up as I stand on a stool for a different perspective!!
 One of my favorite shots to be coming out soon!!!
waiting for more wings to come out for the shoot ;)