Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Robb Long for Fab Defense

--> I recently had the opportunity to shoot a really cool conceptual assignment with a local ad agency for its client Fab Defense. I remember playing with little green plastic toy army soldiers all the time when I was a kid. This project let me re-live my childhood again. The goal was to capture a real army man holding a firearm that had been decked out with FAB DEFENSE accessories, while making the real man look more like a plastic toy soldier and keeping the gun real. This was an amazing concept that I was excited to execute, and the client was thrilled with how much it looks like a plastic soldier ;)
I enlisted the help of Shannon Amos of Amos Styles to give me some pointers on what to do to make this guy look more like a plastic soldier; beside the obvious step of painting him green, she recommended plasti dip. Here's what she said about the final image on a recent Facebook post along with a behind the scenes video.

"This is creativity and drive in Photography( And a super Happy Client) Robb Long and I became pals on Facebook and over the past year he has reached out about some consultation with wardrobe or props of some of his shoots. I always offer my best answers and try and send him in the best direction I can. He blew it out of the water with his latest shoot for his client. I was not 100% how the Plasti Dip REAL "toy" soldier would play out. Robb nailed this from the photography to the retouching....all in his garage"


The final images plus one of the banners they made for the NRA show that they needed a few days after the shoot.

I'm looking forward to seeing the other shots in ads as they come out this year.

Agency: Epicosity
Client: FABdefense
CD: Scott Ostman
AD: Jeremy Peters
Photographer: Robb Long Imaging
Makeup Artist : Jayme Palmer
Stylist : Shannon Amos of Amos Styles
Finisher: Dennis Dunbar of Dunbar Digital

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sharing New Work: Robb Long for DocuTap

I was contacted by DocuTap to shoot it's websites Hero images. DocuTap provides a tablet based EMR / EHR software, practice management systems, and revenue cycle services for urgent care clinics. The project was great and luckily DocuTap had a relationship with a local clinic Avera Health that allowed us to shoot in one of it's many beautiful clinics. Like usual, when shooting in a working clinic or hospital we had only a few minutes to get the shots set up, lit and styled which always proves to be a challenge that we are happy to take on. We think the images look great!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Robb Long Imaging "shoots" for Rock Island Armory

It's not everyday an ad agency approaches a photographer for marketing concepts, but it happened to me, and it couldn't have been more rewarding for all concerned. When they do, it's exciting. 

In my case recently, Sioux Falls based agency, Epicosity, brought me in. I had the privilege to meet with their Creative Director and Art Director personally, and to generate unique ideas with them. The objective was to showcase firearms products for one of their clients, Rock Island Armory, in a fresh way - steering away from a look that was overdone in the market. After tossing a few ideas around the table, they gave me the go ahead to execute what would turn out to be one "bad ass" portrait of a handgun.

"Epicosity wanted to create a bold, new look for our client, Rock Island Armory. But with so many brands in the shooting industry having virtually the same style of photography, we looked to Robb Long Imaging for some out-of-the-box collaboration. Who knew part of that collaboration would lead to something inside-the-box? By building a metal box prop and shooting it full of bullet holes, we were able to present Rock Island Armory firearms in a fresh, new light. We also created a series of images that played directly off the name by displaying Rock Island Armory guns set against a variety of rocks as our backdrop - a perfect complement to their tagline of "Solid As A Rock." – Scott Ostman, Creative Director, Epicosity
It was the greatest feeling to have the client trust my vision and expertise. For me personally, it was critical these images be successful especially knowing that the concepts I helped them come up with were only verbally expressed - no story boards. It was my strong hope that they could visualize the ideas I had in my mind. Having a solid background in lighting people for fashion, lifestyle and conceptual campaigns, I leveraged that experience and lit the gun as I would one of my fashion campaigns.

As a handgun enthusiast myself, hitting the gun range for the prop making of the bullet-hole-box was a "blast". A buddy of mine welded together a box made of 1/16th inch steel, then I took the box to a local gun range and shot it up with Armscor .22 TCM rounds, as well as a few 10mm rounds. These rounds cut through the steel box like butter.
I've got a few more handgun models that will be placed inside the bullet-hole-box to broaden the series of imagery, so keep an eye out for those too. I'm confident this new set up will have a sure-fire success rate.

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Client-Rock Island Armory
Creative Director-Scott Ostman
Art Director-Jeremy Peters
Photographer-Robb Long Imaging
Finisher-Dan Kopton

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wind Turbine's

I set out this past summer to shoot a personal project on Wind Turbines and decided to show these 5 as they each tell it's own little story. I've been seeing them when out and about and always noticed there is something kind of beautiful about them, not only because wind turbines provide clean energy but each one or pod has it's own personality.

More of Robb's work can be viewed here www.rlimaging.com

Friday, January 2, 2015

Robb Long Imaging for Penton.com

Penton.com purchased a few of images from my Dairy Farming series to use on its websites main and inside pages. It's always fun to see personal work getting picked up especially on the main page of a website ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Robb Long Imaging shoots image library for DelaGet in Minneapolis, MN

DelaGet, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN is an established company designed to help multi-unit restaurants operate at their optimal best. I was honored to be contacted by the Delaget Marketing Director for a custom library of photography, targeted specifically for their website, blog and collateral promotional efforts.
Director of Product Innovation & Marketing, Aaron Engler honestly stated their desire to consign a specific type of photographer for a more custom look overall. As he put it, "we've grown tired of using stock photography." 
 Aaron Engler put me in touch with their website agency, Hard Candy Shell, NYC, NY. They shared the necessary details as to what type of image content they were after. Overall, Hard Candy Shell and DelaGet needed a story telling approach utilizing my talents with making images look natural along with a touch of a documentary feel. They were all for me using as much available natural light as possible, and they asked that I follow my instincts as a story teller. 
As a proud Minnesotan, my thoughts were – what better location to shoot than Minneapolis? 
The production crew and I shot imagery over a 3 day production in Eden Prairie, shooting at various local Minneapolis restaurants. As with many retail locations, we needed to work within narrow timelines in order to avoid disturbances to their regular operating hours.This precision timing was made possible by my Producer, Jo Wagner, and my Photo Assistant, Bryce Bordenkecher. 
After wrapping up our shoot in Eden Prairie, we shifted over to the DelaGet offices, where we set up for corporate head shots of selected personnel. As luck would have it, this night also had the perfect conditions for an epic Minneapoolis skyline, which of course I shot, and it's now being used for the "DelaGet.com" blog.
I love to shoot image libraries for clients and agencies especially when working with an engaged client and team. DelaGet and Hard Candy Shell gave me the freedom to go in and do what I do best with just the right amount of direction. By entrusting me with my talents, I felt fantastic knowing they were confident I would deliver great shots!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Robb Long Imaging shoots Holiday Inn Express Start Breakfast

I was contacted by a local Holiday Inn Express to come in and shoot a few images that help promote it's new Holiday Inn Express, Express Start Breakfast. The Hotel wanted to use real people and actually chose the family they wanted to have in their marketing photos which was so much fun directing them on their first photo shoot. The staff did a wonderful job getting it all set up and yes the breakfast is very tasty as I got to try just about everything. The coffee was fresh brewed and a great pick me up for the shoot and I loved the pancakes as did the little boy in the picture ;)

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