Thursday, October 16, 2014

Robb Long Imaging shoots image library for DelaGet in Minneapolis, MN

DelaGet, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN is an established company designed to help multi-unit restaurants operate at their optimal best. I was honored to be contacted by the Delaget Marketing Director for a custom library of photography, targeted specifically for their website, blog and collateral promotional efforts.
Director of Product Innovation & Marketing, Aaron Engler honestly stated their desire to consign a specific type of photographer for a more custom look overall. As he put it, "we've grown tired of using stock photography." 
 Aaron Engler put me in touch with their website agency, Hard Candy Shell, NYC, NY. They shared the necessary details as to what type of image content they were after. Overall, Hard Candy Shell and DelaGet needed a story telling approach utilizing my talents with making images look natural along with a touch of a documentary feel. They were all for me using as much available natural light as possible, and they asked that I follow my instincts as a story teller. 
As a proud Minnesotan, my thoughts were – what better location to shoot than Minneapolis? 
The production crew and I shot imagery over a 3 day production in Eden Prairie, shooting at various local Minneapolis restaurants. As with many retail locations, we needed to work within narrow timelines in order to avoid disturbances to their regular operating hours.This precision timing was made possible by my Producer, Jo Wagner, and my Photo Assistant, Bryce Bordenkecher. 
After wrapping up our shoot in Eden Prairie, we shifted over to the DelaGet offices, where we set up for corporate head shots of selected personnel. As luck would have it, this night also had the perfect conditions for an epic Minneapoolis skyline, which of course I shot, and it's now being used for the "" blog.
I love to shoot image libraries for clients and agencies especially when working with an engaged client and team. DelaGet and Hard Candy Shell gave me the freedom to go in and do what I do best with just the right amount of direction. By entrusting me with my talents, I felt fantastic knowing they were confident I would deliver great shots!

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