Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fulton Beer's Living Poster (s)

I am seeing beyond the still...I finally got to incorporate stills and video together in a specific way, this was truly awesome. We have about 3 more coming out so keep your eyes peeled for more to pop up.

Here's the Press Release on the project :

Minneapolis Photographer/Director partners with digital ad agency on groundbreaking visual effects
Robb Long and Pixel Farm Digital create Living Posters for Fulton Beer

For immediate release                                    

Feb.1, 2011                                                    

Contact:  Katie Swanson  773-580-7853

(Minneapolis, MN)  Photographer/Director Robb Long and ad agency Pixel Farm Digital (PFD) today announced the completion of an ad campaign for Fulton Beer that utilizes a new photographic technique called Living Posters. Combining photography and video, Living Posters produce a fluid-motion effect that makes still photos look as if they have suddenly ‘come to life’ and are moving.

“A little over a year ago, I had the idea to create Living Posters by simply shooting a moving subject on rapid fire with a Canon 1d Mark III,” said Long.  “We shot a series of frames like a machine gun. The end result after my editor put it all together was ‘Did that poster just start moving’?” 

Shortly after developing the Living Poster technique, Long was approached by Pixel Farm Digital to take promotional still photos for its client, Fulton Beer, a Minneapolis microbrewery. Long immediately suggested replacing the still photos with Living Posters, so the campaign could extend to posters in bars, digital billboards, websites, etc.

“Fulton Beer is a unique brew, so we wanted a campaign that accurately depicted its sensibilities,” said Quan Hoang, PFD Chief Creative Officer.  “We knew immediately that Robb’s Living Posters would represent Fulton perfectly.”

The Living Poster technique builds on earlier work by photographer Alexx Henry. His “Living One Sheet” uses the Red One System, or 5D to capture video after the still, then has the subjects go back to the original still.

Long recalls a quote from Henry that he bases his new living posters by, "Living Art, at it’s core, is an image that moves. Think- print in motion. Creating Living Art is about making a strong image, and then making that image move. Remember, we’re not making motion pictures: that’s what movies do. We’re making pictures that move." said Henry. 

Keep on the lookout for our other 3 living posters for Fulton to come out soon. “This is the future, and we are diving right into it,” Long added.

Robb Long Imaging is a full-production commercial photography studio.

Pixel Farm Digital:
Ad agency PFD was created in response to the growing consumer demand for transparency, authenticity, and creativity in advertising.

A Minneapolis-based brewery.  “Ordinary guys brewing extraordinary beer.”

The Fulton Beer Living Poster:


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