Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey Folks,

Sorry it's been so long since my lost entry. I've been super busy with projects, shooting video on my 5d Mark II and 7D plus been doing quite a bit of editorials. Here is one I just did of Donnie Dirks Zombie Den a few weeks ago. My buddy Mark Pakulski an Art Buyer at Olson Advertising took me there for drinks well over a month ago and it was so amazing I pitched this photo and they told me to go ahead with it. Just a week later I was in shooting. It was pretty easy to set it all up as we shot right before the joint opened up and all the people or dead that work there are already dressed and ready to roll so I didn't have to wait for hair and makeup. The drinks there are great, really strong and the neat thing too is the atmosphere. As you can see in the photo, they have deer heads mounted on the walls, skeletons all over and they even have tv's that play zombie and other horror flicks 24/7. As my agent with Artists and Creatives said

New work from Robb Long "Donnie Dirks Zombie Bar" ... the concept of this bar is pretty cool and a little haunting ... take a look at the blood splattered shirts ... it's all about the "branding" people ...

I shot this on a Canon EOS 1ds Mark II, three strobe heads and with no assistants in under 30 minutes as the bar was about to open. Talk about pulling it off under pressure!!!!!!

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